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Originally Posted by ibaraki_gaijin View Post
Looks real, a nice example. They're pretty valuable. Best trick to get an idea of pricing is look for completed / sold auction lots on E - Bay. Lots of people lists these sort of rarer instruments for crazy prices that don't reflect the real value. Actual ones that sold in your country will give you a better idea of price.

Then just try to compare the condition to those that sold. Things to watch out for on these ones are thin paint cracks around the neck joint and behind the nut. Some of the early ones sometimes the finish fades a little too. Trem and neckplate can tarnish with age. Otherwise it's the usual things to look for on an old guitar. Fret wear, is the neck straight etc..

It looks pretty decent from the photos.
Thanks for the reply! Do you have any suggestions on where to sell? Does this forum have a marketplace that seems worthwhile? Or should I try eBay (never shipped a guitar before)? Some recent sells on eBay (in April of this year) were upwards of $3k - even with missing backplate, chips, and tarnished backplate. Is that normal? Or exceptional? There aren't many other options that I have found.

Thank you for the pointers! I've checked those spots and found a small hairline crack in the paint near the neck and a chip on the base of the guitar no larger than 1mm x 2.5mm.

I really appreciate you all responding!
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