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Dimarzio pickups in RG550 Genesis


I have recently bought a new RG550 genesis and am changing the pickups to a Dmz Super distortion and a paf pro and leaving the single coil

When removing the old V7 and V8 there were only 3 wires white red and black. Black was ground - white seems to be the hot and red the coil tap as the readings on my multi meter have the red wire at half the value of the white.

I wired in the new pickups green and bare to ground red to hot and black /white as tap but I am getting a horrible sound in position 2 very tinny and not useable - position 4 seems ok

I have then removed the tap wires on the bridge pickup but the sound is still the same in position 2

I then swapped the wiring on the middle pickup now position 2 sounds ok and position 4 sound bad

Any one got any suggestions??


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