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New 2019 Jem 7v finish

Hi all
New member here and first post after receiving my new Jem v7-wh yesterday. My first guitar was an sz320 over a decade ago but that was sold to make way for others so nice to have an Ibanez again.

The new Jem is generally well put together and it was easy to tailor the setup- all it needed was the string height lowered at the trem. Nice fitting neck pocket and good string alignment (both areas I’ve seen criticised in my pre-buy research).

I’ve noticed 2 finish issues which I think are probably common but just wanted to check.

1) The inside of the monkey grip is rough ie hasn’t been sanded and polished. Is this expected with an MIJ Jem? Anything you guys would suggest to smooth it a little?

2) The finish isnt perfect in the jack socket.

I can overlook both of these (although it is a very expensive guitar) as minor. It’s light, resonant and sustains better than any other guitar I own.

Anyway, here it is (if the link works)!

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