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Re: New 2019 Jem 7v finish

Good to know chaps, thanks for replying.

Only other minor “QC” issue is I don’t think the pickguard itself has been cut completely straight on the treble E side of the heel cutout as there’s a small oblique gap between it and the fretboard. The pickguard sits flush with the fretboard on the bass side so it’s not that the guard has been mounted squint. You can see it in the photo above. Very minor I know but I have a keen eye for these things having been a “Gibson guy” for years! Not noticeable enough to bother trying a new guard.

Loving the Jem. Getting a fantastic early Megadeth tone from the bridge pickup along with my Helix. The neck is very slick.

The middle single coil is great too, can do Hendrix for sure.

I’m a convert!
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