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Fine tuners on Edge Pro: Tuning problem

Hey folks,

I took my Edge Pro apart to clean every last screw (and to install a new trem block). Apparently I made a mistake when reassembling it: the fine tuners only start to effect the string tension a few mm before the point of being completely screwed in. The most part of the "screw-way" (sorry, I just don't know my lingo), they do nothing. I think this is because the fine tuners aren't in touch with the fine tuner spring (?) on top of the tremolo block until they're nearly completely screwed in.
In the end, this obviously makes it hard to properly tune the guitar after locking the nut.

I have to add that I did this years ago and just never took the time to fix it. Last year I got the guitar professionally setup, but the guy missed that problem and I failed to address it.

Do you know if it's an easy fix? In the last years I kinda lost contact to playing and working on guitar, but I want to get back to it.

Thanks in advance!
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