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RX20 Series - Wrong Serial Number?

Hi guys!

I have a old Ibanez RX20 and was thinking to do some mod on it but I found something very interesting.
The serial number on headstock says the guitar was made in Indonesia, but the serial number on it is C6045027 which means that the guitar was made in Cort's Incheon or Daejeon factory on Korea (right?!)

"Serial Number: C6045027 (8 characters)
Built: april 1996. serial: 5027

(factory: Cort Guitars, Incheon or Daejeon, Korea)"

Have you guys seen something like this? Anyone has a good explanation for that?
The guitar was actually made in Indonesia or Ibanez has mistaken?

Other thing I didn't figure it out is about the wood of the body. On Ibanez's website say that 1996 guitars of this model was made of Hardwood. Is it plywood or some other type?

Thanks in advance!
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