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Re: Blocking edge trem and lowering middle pickup?

Originally Posted by BigBazz View Post
Yeah but lets say you're getting caught on the pole pieces (the common issue), it only takes a small adjustment of playing to avoid hitting the pole pieces (playing just either side of them or reducing your picking depth) without losing any tonal options. You're losing out on more tonal options by not having use of the middle pickup, again it kinda indicates that you would have been better suited with a H/H guitar without a middle pickup. And the "just get used to it" advice is because many people have had the same experience as you and eliminated the problem by getting used to it and naturally adjusting their technique, you're trying to solve a problem with your technique by changing the guitar.

You already know the sure answer to your question, it's in the thread title, are you looking for people to reinforce the conclusion you already came to before you made the thread or for people to give advice based on their own experiences? You can block the trem and remove the middle pickup entirely, you can adjust your technique and work around it to get the most from the guitar, or you can get a different guitar.
Jesus christ.

Nevermind I'll just look elsewhere. I don't have time to argue with people about semantics and hassle each other.
Thanks for the help anyhow and letting me know that the Tremol-no is not compatible with that particular edge bridge.
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