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Re: 2001 MIJ RG vs Genesis

Further review of the guitar verified that it is an RG570. It appears to be stock (V7-S1-V8, Edge tremolo, etc.). It plays great but it needs a proper setup.

There was also an RG550 Genesis in stock so it was cool to play the 2001 RG570 vs the RG550 Genesis. The 2001 RG570 has the all-access neck joint (AANJ). The RG550 Genesis has the scoop out of the back of the body near the neck but the neck joint is still a square block. Comparatively, the RG570 has better upper fret access than the RG550 my opinion.

I am still contemplating getting the 2001 RG570. $449 seems like a great price and the guitar is almost perfect; just a couple of chips on the edge of the bottom of the body.

All the pictures I took are too big to upload; I will try to reduce their size and upload again if anyone cares.

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