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Re: 2001 MIJ RG vs Genesis

Originally Posted by GearBoxTy View Post
I went back and played the RG550 Genesis and the 2001 RG570GN. Although the quality of the Genesis was top notch, the neck joint really pales compared to the AANJ.

So, I bought the 2001 RG570GN (Gray Nickel). I will give it a proper setup soon. My plan is to replace the V7 and V8 pickups with DiMarzio PAF Pros. I am not really a fan of the Gray Nickel so I am thinking about having the body refinished. If and when I do that I will have the pickup ring holes filled and I will use the P.M.S. Pickup Mounting System to mount the pickups. The question is...what finish should I change it to? Swirl? Sparkle? It should be something flashy.

I am excited for this project \m/
Swirl; that is what RG570s are great for.
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