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Re: Ibanez 2020 Catalog + NAMM

Originally Posted by Jemerator View Post
Steve is using a sustainer now for 20 years. And seems to do very frequently at the moment. I'd say it's about time for this in a stock Jem. Joe has his sustaniac and patents don't last forever if Fernandes won't do it. Or is there any reason why this is not possible?
If there is a reason beyond "Steve didn't want a Sustainer in his signature model guitar" it probably isn't a technical reason. The Sustaniac installation process is less straightforward than a normal pickup, to put it mildly, but the people at Manic Music who make the Sustainiac really have the JEM sorted out.

Ibanez can be unpredictable in their decisions regarding their product lines. That is the best I can do.
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