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FT: Real JS3 Donnie Hunt #6 for UV77MC + Cash

I can't believe I'm thinking about doing this, but it might be time to part with my '90 JS3. It's all original and super clean with an awesome blue/purple color scheme. No dings except for a small one at the tip of the headstock. The body and hardware are mint.

The only guitar that would ease this transition for me would be an REMC or original UV77MC with a great swirl. Price and trade value are negotiable, but just to set expectations, I value this guitar at around 20k, and I would give around 10k in trade value to a mint REMC.

The future owner of this guitar will not want me posting or handing out hi-res pics of it, so please respect that I will only send pics to MC owners who show theirs first. Let me know if anyone is interested. PM me here, or email to kbsn2(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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