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In the market for a new amp, Need suggestions

TL;DR Ė I need suggestions for a new tube amp head $1000 or less.

Iím looking into getting a new amp head. Itís been a really long time since Iíve truly looked at whatís out there and need some help with a starting point. I donít have a full specific direction I want to go but I do have a couple of needs & wants.

First off, for reference my last big purchase that Iíve been using as my main rig since the early 2000ís is a Crate Blue Voodoo 300Ö the monster 300 watt version. I also have the 150 watt version as a backup. I also have a Crate Stealth 50, a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 and a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36. The Crate Stealth is bad @$$, designed by Lee Jackson & oozes that hot rodded Marshall 80ís hair metal sound. I like the Peavey well enough but to me, modeling amps are more of a novelty, kind of a jack of all trades, master of none thing. The Tubemeister is pretty cool too but is nearing the being too bright category. The Blue Voodoo is my sound & I love it, but at this stage in life a 300 watt tube amp is just way overkill. Not that it wasnít always overkill, but itís too much for bedroom use or small jam sessions.

So that leads me to now looking for something to better suit my needs. As I said I donít have a true direction but there are a few needs & a couple of wants.

-Tube Amp somewhere between 50 & 100 watts (closer to 50 may be better)
-Independent tone controls for each channel
-$1000 price limit (could be convinced to go up to $1300 is itís the right amp)
-Suited for heavy rock and power metal

Wants, but not requirements:
-Selectable wattage
-Head that can handle 4 ohm cabinet
-3 channels (2 would be sufficient)
-Can cover multiple genera from blues to metal
-Tube monitoring and auto bias
-Built in reverb would be nice but not needed
-Mid boost/cut switch but not needed (I like my mids)

Other options:
-Can be new or used/current or vintage
-brand doesnít matter much as long as itís reliable
-Would prefer a head but a combo with 12Ē speaker & extension cabinet capability will work

-No 5150/6505 suggestions Ė Great amps but Iíve never been able to bond with them

Thank you in advance for the help!
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