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Re: Jem7V moved to discontinued model section in Ibanez website! Something new coming

Originally Posted by scalelokt View Post
2012 I think? I can't remember off the top of my head, but it was like a run over 3 years or so if I remember right that had issues. Basically a bunch of notes around the 12th fret just make a warble sound and it's pretty bad. I guess the issue was somewhere in the body but I don't know if anyone ever figured out what exactly it was.

It's most likely loose trem arm or some loose tuner nut (those six sided on front side of the headstock) making that noise. I have had both problems in the past, and it was really hard to figure out first, because the warbling sound is such that it's difficult to hear where the hell it's coming from. So check those out.

Check first if the spacers under the tuner nuts are moving. If they are, then the nut is loose. Tighten the nut and check if the warbling sound is still there. If it is, take the trem arm away and see, if the problem still persists. If not, then the trem arm is the culprit.

Note, that it's best to be done in this order. Removing trem arm first may mask the problem with the loose tuner nuts due to changing resonant frequencies, misleading one to think that the trem arm is the cause of problems.

Of course, it can be something else too, but one thing is absolutely certain; something is loose and therefore responding to some resonant frequencies.

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