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Re: Thoughts on the PIA (The new JEM)?

Originally Posted by Takin' a Ride View Post
Was talking about this with someone on FB. Steve seems very big on decades. Consider the DNA in 2000 and a new FP and UVMC reissue in 2010.

I think the story nobody is talking about is that the Jem is done as a MIJ regular production guitar. This is Steve’s new signature. New decade, time for another big change.

I also would not be surprised to see a reissue DNA. Over the past decade, they’ve done reissue UVMC and 777’s plus new UV swirls and a new FP. New swirl Jem is the only thing they haven’t done.
They did it in 1987; the music, the scene, THE MOMENT for Ibanez/Vai/Jem success was back then and they succeed (and glad they did); nowadays it is not the same scenario and trying to repeat that success is a risky movement for Steve and Ibanez with a new model (which is just a revamp of the Jem with different aesthetics. We, guitar players, tend to be very conservative regarding gear once something has reached the “standard” status (think about Gibson turning back to solid body models for the Standard models, the success of the Reissue series for Fender, Marshall-Fender-Vox forever standing models in their catalogs because they are the best-sellers instead of the new models,...).

I hope the PIA model will sell well but I am sure prices for second hand Fuji Jem models are gonna rise (again). Maybe in a year or two they are re-releasing the Jem.
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