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Originally Posted by JsXLine6 View Post
How are you powering your pedals? What is loud about it? Is it a humming or buzzing? If you have noise typically it's related to a grounding issue. Your worst enemy with high gain is having a daisy chain setup powering your pedals. It causes a ground loop making the signal going into the front of the amp buzz. You may need to invest in an isolated power supply.

Also for best tone, i never use pedals for gain unless it's low gain. Tubes provide the absolute best for tone. But there is a fairly cheap nice high gain pedal i am aware of! Golden plexi by tone city pedals. It's about $60 USD. Take a listen to it on YouTube, if your not impressed you'd be the first I've met haha.

I do use a daisy chain, but it’s for just two pedals, it’s a squealing tho. Like when I am not playing it squeals a lot. My noise gate is so high it’s starting to interfere with my clean channel. I have heard that the pedal doesn’t like to add much gain without squeeling it it’s tons of gain. I will definitely try an isolated power supply and see if that fixes it tho. Appreciate your response!

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