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Prestige RG5220 or 5120M (Fishman vs Bare Knuckle), opinions please

New to forum and looking for opinions. I am usually pretty firm on my guitar choices, but this time I am stumped. Because of the price of each guitar, I want to try and make the best decision, as I will never be able to play either guitar live to compare (just not available in stores). I am looking for opinions on the pickup choices that come in each guitar. The specs of each guitar are the same, other than pickups.

Some background, I am a classic metal player (Randy, Maiden, Yngwie, EVH, Lynch). I don't usually play in drop tunes. I have owned many guitars over the years, but currently have an Ibanez Prestige RG652AHM, Charvel DK24, Jackson Soloist, 1987 Ibanez S. The guitars have classic Symour Duncan's or Dimarzio's humbuckers. I am a HH player and have no need for single coil. I play through a Boss Katana head into an old school Peavey cabinet or a 1990 Ampeg VH140C. So I play solid state.

While I play classic metal mostly, I am intrigued by the new progressive high gain metal sounds. Not a fan of the music style per say, but I like the clean, crisp high gain sound.

I love Ibanez prestige guitars by far above all my guitars, the RG652 stands heads and shoulders above the rest. My 652 is an Ash guitar with Dimarzios. I want a Mohagany Prestige RG guitar with SS frets and something other than Dimarzio's or Seymours. This brings me to the 5220 and 5120. I also only play maple necks...just my thing.

So it comes down to these 2 models with the exact same specs, but one has Fishman pickups and one has Bare Knuckle. I have no experience with either. Which would you choose and why? Please only stay with these 2 choices.
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