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Re: Need help with picking overdrive

Originally Posted by TheLead View Post
Hey yíall, I need help finding an od that is very quiet but with lots of gain reasons are, metal!!!! My rig is a mesa boogie mark iv rackmount. But it just doesnít have quite enough gain. So Iím using a ts9 but it is just too loud. Even with a gate in the front and the back, itís just too much for my rig. I need something that will tighten my sound, any suggestions?
I have a Mark IV Combo and used it for metal often with no pedals. It has PLENTY of gain. Might help to know specifically what kind of metal sound. There is more than one I did use pedals with it occasionally, mainly an EVX Metal Muff or one of my Tubescreamers. I haven't used the amp in probably close to two years now but I kept a notebook of various settings (I play all kinds of music not just metal) I used. I transferred a lot of those settings to presets on my Fractals. But again without knowing what specific metal sound you are going for, its just guessing.
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