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Restoring a 2002 JS1000

Hey all, new member here. I've just acquired a 2002 JS1000 for a great price. But, with that great price comes a project. Finish has some dings and scratches in some sad places on the body and headstock. Ibanez logo looks to be corroding somehow. Pickup rings are worn and corroding. Trem looks to be in the same boat. Pickups look decent but the tape is filthy from what I can see Neck is in good shape but I can feel the bubinga stripe, so it may need some work there too.

It's not all bad news. The frets and board are in good shape and the pickups work, though I am going to re-tape them.

I have a refinish scheduled for May. I have some color ideas in mind, leading contenders are a candy green or candy blue. But I'm open to suggestions. Likewise, I am going to try to clean the bridge up as best I can, but I am leaning towards replacing it with a chrome Edge with rings, knobs, and tuners to match. Does anyone have any tips or tutorials on how to best clean up the existing bridge?

Thanks all.


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