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Re: Restoring a 2002 JS1000

Originally Posted by LonePhantom View Post
That hardware will likely come up looking like almost new chrome hardware if you polish all the components with a metal polish such as Auto-sol. I've done this with a bunch of hardware, and it looks so much better when done.

Restoring a corroded bridge ? Lone Phantom

Old post from my blog, but it definitely works well.

Thanks for the tips and link! That cleaned up nice!

Originally Posted by JsXLine6 View Post
Awesome find man. If the hardware is pitted... It will not come out. If you use metal polish it will shine but the texture will remain. When it comes to refinishing I've always loved metal flake candy paint! It just shimmers and looks so damn good. I refurbished a 540 Radius last year, repainted it an emerald metallic green. Looks awesome! It's similar to the HAM Js guitars but doesn't change to purple. It's an early 90's ford paint code.

Finding hardware is hit or miss. Unless you bite the bullet and buy new. Make sure you keep your bridge saddle shims though if you wind up getting a replacement edge from some other model that isn't a satch guitar.

That Radius looks great! Thanks for sharing. I'm more of a lime/emerald green guy myself, so that's the leading contender right now. But the a candy midnight blue is also tempting me.

Yeah, the hardware is what it is. I'll do my best with it, either polishing it up like LonePhantom suggested, or just cleaning it up and getting as much rust off as possible. Given that I am already having the guitar refinished by a notable pro, I'll probably bite that bullet and get a new chrome Edge and hardware.

Question regarding the skunk stripe on the neck if anyone can lend some advice. I can feel the bubinga swelling out a touch. Should I assume it will need to be sanded out and refinished as well?
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