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Re: Drop in Replacement for Edge-Zero II?

Why do you want to replace the Edge Zero II? The Edge Zero II is a very capable bridge in of itself, and shouldn't be discounted as a lower level bridge.

You could swap for an Edge Zero without modifications as I understand, but you'd have essentially the same stability and tone, etc. No other bridges are going to be a direct fit, so you'll be spending a bomb on a new trem, and if you're not able to DIY with the work involved to install, be paying a lot for that too.

If there's something you're not quite liking about the tone then consider changing the block. Your tonal preferences will answer the question with regards to what upgrade block you should go with. I've had extensive experience with brass and titanium blocks, and they each have their own distinct tonal effect. In a nutshell, brass is warmer and thicker, while titanium will give you a sharper tone with greater articulation and attack.
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