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Re: Restoring a 2002 JS1000

Great project! I did the exact same thing in November with a black pearl JS1000 and ended up going with a "Muscle Car Purple" finish, which turned out really nice. You can see all the details on the ReRanch refinishing forum (looks like I still can't post links), just search for "Stripping and refinishing poly"

Regarding hardware, I had some of the same issues with the cosmo black. I have power coating equipment and attempted to chrome the trem, knobs and pick-up rings (it wouldn't have worked well on the tuners, so just bought new Gotoh ones). Honestly the chrome powder coating didn't turn out that great, not bright/shiny enough, more like a gray chroming. So I ended up purchasing new knobs and pickup rings, but kept the trem and will just deal with the mediocre chrome. I looked into getting it all professionally re-chromed locally, but with a basic setup fee and service it was going to be a minimum of $75. Still cheaper than a new Edge, but I just wanted to get it done (BTW - purchasing an at-home chroming kit was cost-prohibitive too, about $200-$300). I really wish I would have know about LonePhantom's trem cleaning page and AutoSol, would've saved me some headache, oh well.

Anyways, I think it'll be a great project, I really enjoyed mine. Happy to answer other questions.
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