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Luke Duke
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Re: Prestige RG5220 or 5120M (Fishman vs Bare Knuckle), opinions please

A timely thread...I've been looking at a 5120 at GC for the last 6-8mos. I'm just not going to pay the new price. They are great guitars, but the one I played had pretty bad fret sprout, and a mediocre setup. That means time out of my life to correct the issues. So if I'm gonna pay full price I'll just throw Rich a bone and buy one of his that I know is NICE!

I talked to Frank Falbo about the Fluence Moderns in that guitar and from my description he said it sounded like Ibanez just used a set of ceramics, not an Alnico/Ceramic set. I think the tone and sustain is pretty killer for the bridge and neck both...I don't know if the amount of output would eventually wear on my ears though. The Ceramic is like a Super D or Duncan Distortion on one voice and an EMG 81 on the other. I think I'd be tempted to flip positions so the neck is normally in the "lower output" setting.

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