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If you touch the knobs and it stops then it sounds like a grounding issue. You probably have a cold solder on the ground circuit. I wonder how guitar center checked it? If you bought it from them... And it's brand new you are entitled to it being fixed for free or get a replacement guitar. I can't believe they would let you go home with it buzzing.

Or it could be a defective input jack. I had to replace my enclosed cylinder... Or barrel style jack in my new JS guitar about 5 months into owning it. Even brand new they are finicky with certain cables. For example... My 3 Ibanez guitars all have barrel jacks. They hate my fender cables and Ibanez cables they always buz. Where my mogami and monster cables work great. I think it has something to do with the length of the input shaft on the cable.

After looking at pictures of your guitar, I can see it does indeed have a barrel style jack. But it sounds to me like a cold solder in the ground circuit because the hum goes away when you touch the metal knobs. And the fix for that is to reheat the cold solder and reliquify it to create a solid connection.

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