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WTB * trying to locate my goldtop LP style

Hello. I am new to the forum and in desperate search of my Ibanez LP that I foolishly sold a couple of years ago to cover a transmission R&R in my truck. Dumb. It was sold on to user Caretaker. He then sold it to an Ibanez collector in California but can't find any record of who...It was a heavily relic'd goldtop with a Gibson silk screen on the headstock, in a hardshell Gator case. I regret selling her very much. She had the name IRMA in gold on the body as you can see. The back barely had any stain left in it and you could see where the neck angle was redone....Even if it is not available to buy back, I would very much like to know where she landed. I am sure she may look like a mutt, but that guitar meant a bunch. Many thanks in advance! Nick
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