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Re: I dug my own grave

Originally Posted by OCDemon View Post
NYC is descending into madness. I have three kids, one is 2 and she's autistic. They canceled schools til April 20th for now. Luckily my girl's school will still take her if I drive her there (bussing is over though), it's in manhattan and I pick her up. We will see if that changes...NJ issued a state wide curfew 8pm-5am no non emergency travel. NY shut down all bars, restaurants, and you can't have gatherings of more than 10 people.
Sorry man, I hope things calm down soon, and that your family is safe. Much the same out here in Oregon. No gatherings larger than 10 people, bars and restaurants closed - take out/delivery only. Its pretty surreal. Stay safe, and congrats on the new guitar!
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