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Covid, and you.

We have been talking about this in another thread

But it's important enough to deserve it's own place for people to comment, complain, and sometimes grieve. We will all be affected by this and may end of knowing somebody that doesn't make it.

In reponse to
Originally Posted by Formerly Given To Fly View Post
“Social distancing” effectively eliminated all demand and all supply for anything involving music and people and it took about 1 day to do it. This virus certainly disrupted many industries in terrible ways but music was down before it heard the shot proverbially speaking. I understand why it needed to happen though.

COVID-19 has created the unusual problem of healthy people risking their health by interacting with other healthy people. Asymptomatic people are both healthy and contagious at the same time which is really not helpful.
3M N95 respirators are in short supply and are reserved for medical workers. This suggests they are effective.
The social distancing measures are in effect through April 30th now.

Everything I am going to say would be difficult to do, might fail, might succeed, and have been thought of I am sure.
- Would you wear a N95 respirator if it allowed you to return to something close to normal life? I realize it does not solve all problems but it would significantly lower the risk of airborne particles caused by people sneezing, coughing, breathing, from reaching your mouth and nose, which according to the CDC is one way the virus is transmitted. It seems it would also keep your airborne particles to yourself. Again, this is not perfect but if it made a significant difference, would you be willing to wear them so you could be in public with other people?
I always wondered if someday we'd look like we lived in Beijing.

They're expensive right now, I bought 30 today, she may be a rahab nurse but she gets junk that's for show, they have to wear a mask but it wouldn't stop anything and is completely unsealed. every medical facility is a place where there are alot of people and there's no way you can be in medicine and be 6' away from anybody. Normally you could buy them for $4 but they're $10-$20 each, depending on if you can catch the right bulk deal.

The ones with exhalation ports aren't going to stop you from spreading it but the unvalved ones would. Except that everything about you is contaminated. It's liking on my leather for 2 days, you buckles for 3, your clothes for up to a day. Every hard surface you touch that's been touched by alot of people is infected for 3 days. I go to PT everything I touch is beings sprayed and sanitized after I'm done, including the pen I sign my receipt with, you throw it in the trash.

We're in a climate that I have to assume you're infected and you have to assume I am, and we feel just fine. They're worried about basketball season, Baseball? Football could end up cancelled, they're racing virtual game on race day!!!

We live in a very different world. I fully expect that no matter what competence level there was in charge this was going to end up getting us, but we have the most cases in the world and are behind everybody else in preparedness. It doesn't help that people will just not ****ing listen. My grandaugter came down 2 weeks ago and an hour into the visit tells me their best friends had just had it and said it was like a bad cold, they weren't worried in the least. So I've been self isolated for 13 days, I'm 98.6. I think I skirted it [knock wood]Virus parties, at least 3 I heard of where somebody tested positive after one. Sometimes I wish I'd just catch it and get it over with, but then who even wants a bad cold, much less what it can possibly do.

So lets send grandpa back to work as the greater at Walmart, and all the workers in environments just begging to spread virus, just so the economy starts again. The good news to you young guys is if it kills enough of us boomers you've got a shot at a Social Security check.

This has the possibility of diapering in a month, to the possibility it collapses the entire system, the whole world. 2 tril? Maybe 10 tril for the US. So what, we each owe $400,000 to the national debt as it is, what's another $150***. Forgive your mortgage for 3 months now everybody living paycheck to paycheck is going to be in foreclosure before they can even get back on their feet. It's 2008 on steroids since they repealed Dodd Frank and Glass Steagall and all your pension and savings account are back in the plunging market. Depression, total economic collapse when the insurance companies can't pay the load and collapse, the banks are down, nobody has any money to buy anything anyway, or pay your bills. You certainly don't want to be in an airplane without a hazmat suit on, how many restaurants can survive?

With at least of most of America finally starting to get it it's going to slow that curve but IMO it's going to be a sign wave, speeding up and slowing down, and over again. You can only relate to the Spanish 1918, but everybody forgets it was the 1918 to 1920 flu. We know more now but we put too much faith in science bailing us out, just like they'll be able to save the planet. Sometimes you need a good pandemic to thin the herd, as the earth cannot support the amount of people, culling the population 5% can only help it.

Interesting times.

To your question, I'd wear a mask, but the data shows most of the pear to pear transmission is by touching infected surfaces and infecting yourself by picking your nose or etching your eye. Anybody stop picking your nose?
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