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Newby on here but have a question for all you Jem/Universe buffs. I have a UV7PWH serial number 90XXXX, and what I think is a Jem 77FP serial number 90XXXX. The reason I say "I think" is because when I bought the Jem, from an advert out of Loot (a pre Ebay paper in the 90's) the guitar had been taken down to the wood so the floral pattern had been lost. The guitar still has the pink pickups, volume controls and the vine fret board inlay. My question is can you be sure what the model is from the serial number or does it just tell you the year it was made and its level in the number of guitars made that year? A further question I have is, does anybody know of any guitar restorers that can get the FP back to it's original glory? Any help would be much appreciated. I am based in the UK by the way.
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