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Re: Covid, and you.

Originally Posted by Formerly Given To Fly View Post
My mask question was hypothetical. I had no idea 5 days later it would be strongly advised by the government. 5 days ago feels like an eternity and yesterday all at the same time.

Regarding leadership, I agree. This got past many brilliant people all over the world. In order to be prepared, it seems we would need to know how to prepare and what we are preparing for. The only things I feel comfortable saying is no one wanted this and what this virus has done to the world in such a short amount of time is humbling.
>I always wondered if someday we'd look like we lived in Beijing.

I've always thought it was inevitable. I spent around $600 on masks in the last 3 days. Thankfully before they started talking about it. That's the only way China got it under control, they were all under mandatory order to wear them. And the pretender surgical mask they give her does little to stop transfer in close contact with anybody carrying. Prices are insane, you have to shop hard and alot because ebay is closing down most of what they find because it is gouging, but when your nurse has to deal with 100 people in close proximity every day there's a very good chance one is a carrier. 3M 8511's were $25-$50 each before the announcement, now they're closing near $80 a mask in 10 packs. And of course there are plenty of fakes to wade thru.

Stay safe everyone, and stay the hell away from me
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