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Re: Covid, and you.

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We’re still under the advice that masks aren’t necessary, that said based on new reports of ‘alternative symptoms’ I’m fairly sure I’ve had it a couple of weeks ago. I took a week of work with what I thought was tonsillitis, but couldn't get to see a doctor, so just retreated to my bed to try to sleep it off with the aid of common house hold medicines...

Based on how I was feeling, I’d prefer to have it in the spring or autumn than summer or winter!

Stay safe everyone
Thank you for sharing and I sincerely mean that. Recovery from the virus is a side to this problem that is not being recognized beyond vague reassurance, which turns out not to be very reassuring. New York is starting to release the number of Coronavirus patients who have recovered and been released from the hospital. I appreciate that and I imagine others do to. Even a quick note saying “I had it, it sucked, I’m better now,” preferably from someone with a first and last name, is good news. A little bit of good news is not enough to make everyone believe things are back to normal, but they provide little boosts to morale.

Rich, you are a man who can get stuff, like Morgan Freeman from Shawshank Redemption, which is a compliment.

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