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Re: Covid, and you.

Finding out the now extremely low death rate , and high asymptomatic but infectious rate, it's a tricky f*****.

You can have it and never know it, every single sneeze and a couple blown noses and that may be your whole experience getting sick. Or get a blood clot and lose your leg.

I bet it's been here since December, they'll find somebody that died somewhere, exhume and test positive, dead from pneumonia or unknown causes.

Unsettling to see the WHO put out a statement not to assume you cannot get it again if you test positive for antibodies. They must know something to say that after the heat they've gotten lately.

She had a "flu" in February, hit her at work, so she got tested before she left, she didn't have the flu, but she was definitely sick for 2 days and recovering for a couple after. Right after I got hit with what I thought must have been food poisoning, 4 hours of death and then recuperating a day. No idea, we should all be taking an antibody test, if we can believe the result, questionable. It's the new race to millions in snake oil, fake supposedly approved test kits a hospital in NC spent a half million on. Lots of scams crawling out of the woods, don't click on any email links...... Or we could all inject disinfectant or bleach to kill the germs, we should look into that, sounds like good advise.....

Last week, she worked the covid ward [4 patients, rehab facility], next night she went in and was told since she worked it she had to work it again. Then after working it half the night they pulled her to a clean ward, cross contaminating it. This is the same major player that put out the order, after I bought masks, that nobody was allowed to wear anything but the show masks they supplied, because everybody was trying to protect themselves and wearing real masks under the show. They did give her an n95 for the positive ward.

Figure 40 million positive, mostly on the coasts with fly over coming on strong. Lets all go get in a crowd elbow to elbow unprotected and protest that they should be protected, and sanitized, and probably infected 14% of them. Sounds like fun but I'll pass.

Gotta be many on hard times out there, paycheck to paycheck, and missing 6? now. Anybody get their assistance deposits yet? Anybody checking the couch for change? Used to be able to find enough to buy a pack, then they got expensive! Unemployment? Are they giving you full salary plus $600? Would you rather make the extra $600 or go back to work?

Strange new world. We can go to Georgia for a haircut and tattoo, then hit the beach in Myrtle on the way home.

Anybody else stir crazy watching out for GERMS!!!
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