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Tuning adjustments

In pic BRIDGE.jpg, The two big Screws on the left / Right - Raise or lower the entire
bridge. (red arrows) The 6 Allen head are for singular fine level adjustment each
string (yellow arrows). Moving up, slightly lowers that string, down slightly raised that
string. You can see the current String to Fret distances in pic Fret.jpg.

Pics Fret.jpg, As it gets lower towards the pickups the distance from Fret to string is more.
I've noticed that you have to be careful to not go too low on string to fret distance
or it will cause buzz if when you are playing say fret 12...more so on the bigger

I lowered the entire bridge a bit, which made it easier to play, but the 2nd biggest
string (only) starts to buzz a bit on about Fret 11 to 22. You can see I moved the
fine adjustment all the way down to get those two biggest strings a little higher.
This helped some. My goal is to get these already 8 ga small strings as close to
the frets, as possible ...all 1 to 22 to make it easier to play. (very a beginner at this point)

My questions are:
1) Am I correct in my assumptions on how all the adjustments work?
2) Any tips or words to the wise on making these adjustments?
3) The pickups also have raise/lower available. Any tips or words to the wise on making
these adjustments?
4) This one maybe later down the road, suggestions for replacing the pickup(s) ?
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