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Question Best models for low tunings / help choosing next purchase

I currently have three guitars (all Ibbys) that I really enjoy playing, but I constantly find myself wanting to play something in a tuning that none of them are set up for. Although I'm comfortable retuning, it takes up time that I would otherwise spend playing and often means changing string gauge (if I changed tuning as often as I want to, I'd be constantly throwing away strings that still have plenty of life left in them).

Adding a fixed bridge model to my collection would satisfy my needs, at least for the intermediate term, but tremolos would probably mean buying two more guitars.

As well as advice on what to buy, I'd also appreciate some advice on which of my current guitars is most suited for each tuning that I intend to use frequently (E, drop D, Eb, D, B & drop A) - this also affects my choice for the new guitar.

These are my current guitars, with details of the specs (see links), tunings and some examples of what I play:

S2170SE (DiMarzio/IBZ pups) - currently in E standard w/ 9 gauge (80s thrash, hard rock, traditional metal, prog)

RG2550Z (DiMarzio/IBZ pups) - currently in drop D w/ 9 gauge (mostly '90s rock & metal - think along the lines of Soundgarden, not nu-metal)

XPT700 (DiMarzio D Activators) - interchanged between Eb / D standard w/ 10 gauge (old school death metal, melodic death metal, European power metal)

What I'm missing is something to use in B standard and drop A, for bands like Amon Amarth and Carcass. The extent of adjustments required to switch a guitar to these low tunings is really impractical on a regular basis (13 gauge strings, trem screws, truss rod etc.).

Thanks in advance!
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