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Re: Bias FX - Anyone use it?

Originally Posted by FireEagle View Post
Thanks for the feedback, LP. My new monitors are supposed to arrive today. Looking forward to trying out Bias FX when I get them set up.
I'm with them, Bias FX2 is actually all I use now. It sounds fantastic, is easy to use and even includes a looper that I use all the time. With all of the sales throughout the last couple of years, I have upgraded to Elite. There really isn't any tone I do not have at my fingertips, especially if you are willing to tweak. Even if you do not, the Pedalboards people post often have some great tones to them. They are all not winners but most of my tones have been based off of someone's uploaded pedalboard.

I have the Bias Amp Elite too but I always come back to FX2.

Let us know how it goes.

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