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Re: New J-Customs, worth the upcharge?

I think this is a tough question to ask in 2020, because you're getting different things for your money. Neck to me is always the biggest because it's the most obvious thing you feel. These will have identical neck contours, so they should feel the same. No real difference. You're getting (dyed) Macassar ebony on the 5320 which is nice and stainless frets, which is really nice. It's a shame that the JC's aren't giving you the stainless frets. If you want a real maple top these days, you're paying for a JC. Not sure how important that is to you? Looks like Rich has a real nice 8520 in stock, but the 5320 is a cool guitar as well. I saw some more pics of one recently and the finish was way cooler than it appears online.
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