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New Guitar Day! Lefty 1987 RG550 Road Flare Red

So as a public school teacher on summer break I decided to buy myself a little something to pass the break with.

I first bought a Schecter with a sustainiac. I have a few, but this one was different to my other models so I figured it would have been nice addition.

However.. the motherboard on the sustainiac system was faulty. So after fighting with the seller and getting Reverb involved, I got my money back.

I then decided to use the money to buy myself a Jem jr. I know I know.. it isnt a real Jem, but that's fine.
I prefer mahogany bodies anyway and am going to move electronics over from another guitar that I already own and was going to trade the Jem out with.

Anyway.. the seller contacts me saying he lives in the boonies and can't make it out to the post office till like the following week.

I told him ok, and decided to wait.
Following week comes and goes and I ask the guy what the deal is.

He tells me he forgot about selling it and decided he would just keep it cause he started to play it again.


Ok. Ok.. so I get my money back again.

This time I decide to just restore my 1990 black RG my wife gave me, you can see the status of the restoration in my other post.

While looking up some parts and conditions of other lefties from that era, I stumbled upon the left handed holy grail!

A left handed Road Flare Red rg550! With case and original paperwork.

It was on some site called Music Go Round. No details other then "Fantastic shape, call for price"
I didn't know anything about this company at all.
So I did some research.

Only thing I walked away with was that it was some kind of glorified pawn shop that charges way too much for everything, but that they package everything very very well.

Long story short, it was infact packaged very well.


They wanted to charge me the price of a new Genesis for a 33 year old guitar, and they even told me there was a bad ding on it but was otherwise in "perfect shape" with no electronics issues.

Once received, it actually had about 3 or 4 dings on it that went down to wood, the trem was caved in and the strings were resting on the frets and pickups.

On top of that, the guitar needs to have electronics tightened cause the volume and tone spin freely.

Oh and the frets are green with what is probably the original set of strings from the 80s.

I have no idea what they concider "perfect" but this definitely is not it. I'll never shop from them again (especially since this was a once in a lifetime find for me as is)

It is however in decent shape for its age.
I won't be able to play test it to it gets cleaned and set up.

So I'm hoping it is all good cause I only have 48 hours to make any complaints to the shop.

Here are some shots of the guitar.
As a bonus,
I also took some shots next to my Genesis of the same color!

Opinions welcome!






If anyone can tell me how they "tested to ensure functionality" with this kind of set up.. I would like to know lol.

First thing I want to get fixed is this sharp chip.
It could get lifted off at any moment.
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