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Well the pink got me thinking about adding some pink to the mix and see if I can get closer.

I actually managed to talk to a rep from Ibanez that said all of their "redish" guitars from 87 and 88ish were all concidered road flare red in catalogues,

Even if they were more of a shocking Pink, C Orange, or even borderline Candy Apple.

They seem to not have finalized their rfr recipe at those times and just sprayed them willynilly in a redish and slapped Road Flare on it.

After mixing Alot more paint it seems that the closest matches lean Alot more to orange and pink then having any red in it at the moment. The best mix actually doesn't have much red at all.

Guess my road flare red is really a Shocking/Cantonen flare Red.

Best results at the moment is 4 drops hot pink, 4 drops vibrant orange, and 1 drop cherry red.

Maybe even a 1/1 of just orange and pink with no red.
Boo. 😕
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