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Re: How good is a Standard RG?

I had one guitar with an Edge Zero II with ZPS, an RG3XXV, and it was a good tremolo... pretty stiff when compared to the Edge though. Which was good if you do double stop bends, etc. The other strings don't go flat as easily when you bend one. I'm not a super heavy tremolo user though, mainly adding in some heavy or slow tremolo or an occasional courtesy dive... lol.

Hard to go wrong with a 550 workhorse with original Edge. My guitars that have the original Edge or Edge Pro are so stable it is uncanny and they are from '89, '99, and '08. Like if I go a month without playing one, just a little tremolo dip and it is in near perfect tune. Occasionally requiring a tiny tweak on a string or two, or a slight seasonal spring tension screw adjustment. I just haven't bought a new one ever, as I found I could get way more guitar by buying a higher quality used one in good shape.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the Fujigen models of the late 90's, those necks were superb... though I'm no expert, just my thoughts since nobody else had replied :-)
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