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Similar necks to 89 JEM 77FP

Hello everyone

My main guitar is a 89 JEM 77FP, I've never found any neck that is more comfortable to play. I tried a modern JEM recently and wasn't as comfortable with the thinner and wider neck on it.

I've been digging through the Ibanez Wiki to see what else out there is equivalent to
Width nut: 43mm
Width last fret: 57mm
Thickness 1st fret: 19mm
Thickness 12th fret: 21mm
Radius 430mm/R17"

I wonder what others have found that love those old JEM necks that feel similar, either Ibanez or a different manufacturer.

I've played a good number of RGs and have yet to capture the smooth back of the neck and what I feel is the "perfect fit", which must be a combination of these dimensions and frets.

I'm planning to go play a bunch Jacksons soon to see if any of them can capture the vibe too.

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