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I just received a jr today.
Finding a left handed authentic Jem 777 is pretty much impossible at the price range everyone says to wait for.

I am referring to the typical "don't get a Jem just buy a real one used for 1200".

As a lefty that doesn't happen.

Anyway, pickups, trem and fret dressing is pretty much perfect.

I think I got lucky on that aspect cause this trem is currently better then most of my ofr guitars. (not my 550s with original edges tho)

The pickups have alot of range of tones. I had a full DiMarzio set ready to go but I'm thinking I'll keep these stock.

The only thing I am not liking is that Jotoba fretboard.

It feels like unfilled, hardly sanded mahogany.
Super scratchy.
The amp doesn't seem to pick up the scratchy, but my fingers sure feel it.
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