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Well I wasn't super happy with the result from the guy I took the body in for the chip repair.. he sent me a pic and it looked better before it was "fixed"

While he has the body I kept the neck and all hardware to dress the frets and remove dust pits.

I took that opportunity to get a better paint match. 20200625_232320_1593335917355.jpg

There's actually a very slight flame to the front board. It's kind of nice.


The last about 8 frets have some serious niks though. Like the guitar was slapped with a razor a few times. They will eventually need replacing, and I suppose at that time the board can be releveled cause there's some dents and pitting in the fretboard finish.

But.. that's a future me problem cause I don't know how to refret just yet and this will 100% not be the guitar I learn that on.

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