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Ibanez Lo-TRS II, best replacement?

Hi all, I recently got a '95 Iceman IC-350 - the one non-signature model that featured a Floyd Rose. It's fitted with the original Lo-TRS II trem. This model was pretty bad to begin with and after @ 25 years of use it's fairly worn and tuning stability is not the greatest. I know this has been discussed all over the place before, but everything I come across is fairly dated.

I'm looking for a direct replacement that requires no modification to the trem cavity and have a high preference to keep it Ibanez branded. Knowing that not all floyd style trems fit in all cavities, Ibanez made some greats & some duds, and since the last time i really looked Ibanez developed some newer models... What is my best option to replace the Lo-TRS II given my preferences?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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