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Re: Ibanez Lo-TRS II, best replacement?

Would be hard to stay with Ibanez branded stuff as most of it (Edge, Lo Pro, post-2003 models etc.) is not a direct fit. There is also the Lo TRS I which is slightly better than the II, and was put on MIJ guitars in the past.

Otherwise, most OFR types will fit the TRS route and post spacing. So an actual OFR is possible, Schaller, and the Gotoh GE1996T. The latter may be a better fit as the stock radius of the saddles is 14", which is closer to Ibanez spec on locking trem equipped guitars, while OFR is 10". The Gotoh also comes with locking studs (like Edge and Lo Pro), a brass block, and the straight knife edge on the bass side makes up for any tolerance issue in stud spacing.
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