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Without any kind of modification it will be a hard find to keep Ibanez branded.

Especially if it had a Floyd originally.

TRS ii = import trash.

It's not really worth the weight in metals it was made of.

That said, you maybe able to sell it as parts if the saddles are in decent shape.

The TRS I as mentioned above was the exact same design, so it will be a drop in replacement.
They were good enough to be sold on their prestige line in Japan before bringing back the edge lopro in around 2005.
Do keep in mind that they don't still use them for a reason though. They are not that great, but better then what you have and they don't need any kind of work to fit in your current set up.

Lastly, and much more recently (prob the easier option to find) the Ibanez DL that comes on Jem Jrs.

Ibanez branded, just like your after. Alot of people will gripe about them but the one on my Jr is fantastic. Even better then the floyd I upgraded to on my rg450.

It could be that I just got a lucky one or that I have not worn it out as much as other claim for it, but I would say the DL is about on par with the TRS 1 from my experience with my 99 rg550 before I sold it.

Gets the job done.

I would however say that of all the Ibanez options available to you with out modification... It would be best to not go Ibanez on this.

9/10 an branded tremolo is no where near the quality of say a Floyd or Gotoh who don't make guitars and just make hardware.

A better option for you may even just be an Official Floyd, as all licenced bridges should be a drop in replacement for the Floyd routes.

Or even just a Gotoh which are known to have slightly smaller profiles than a standard Ibanez type and seems to be the go to for many who swap the stock lower end Ibanez trems and don't want to mod to fit the high end edge trems.

Here's a pic with the Floyd installed on the 450. No mods needed, not even a change in the original trem posts or studs.
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