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That result was pretty great! Did you do the headstock too?

I just got ahold of a lefty road flare red from a shop I will never shop from again.

They told me it was near mint with just one dent on the back.

Got it with nicked frets, at least 40 dimples in the fretboard that would only happen from impacts and like 4 or 5 tool marks around the body not counting the big dent on the back.

The interesting thing is that when I am trying to paint match setting up for a drop fi, it isn't even red at all.
It's a coral pink.

The closest paint match seems to be 2 drops of neon orange to 1 drop of neon pink.

An ibanez rep I contacted told me that in 87 they didn't really have an exact color for anything. They just painted it "redish" and called it a road flare red.

In 89 that's when they had everything dialed in and started to have five alarm, shocking Pink, and cantenen orange in their catalogues.

Even if these colors were around since 87, they were road flare in the catalogues.

What would you charge for a refinish just out of curiosity?


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