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Ibanez Experts: New RG5320 "Issues", or not?

Greetings Jemsite!

New to the site here. I just purchased a new Ibanez RG5320. I had a couple of questions about some issues I'm having, so before panicking, I'd figure I'd ask here whether or not these things can be easily fixed or whatnot.

First off, the guitar is gorgeous, and the Super Wizard HP neck itself feels good. The thing I'm noticing is when I pluck notes, on either the treble or bass strings, especially with my finger, (like the plucking you do when chicken picking for instance) there is a very bothersome warble with the notes. This is not fret buzz, but an annoying chorus-y type warble. None of my other guitars do this of course. This is my first Ibanez in years, and I haven't really dealt with many locking trems over the years.

I really want to keep this guitar and eventually want it in my collection, but obviously this is unacceptable. With that said, is this issue common with this type of locking bridge (The Bridge on this particular guitar is a Lo-Pro Edge), and can it be fixed easily by way of setup? Or is this a defect that warrants an exchange (I still want this guitar) for another of the same?

And lastly, another "issue" I noticed, is when trying to install the trem bar that it came with, it was very very difficult to insert, install, as well as remove. When I pulled the trem bar out to remove it, it rubbed a little bit of the paint off the trem bar (because of said difficulty of insertion and removal), which kind of bummed me out a tad. So I will ask again, is this normal, the things I mentioned about the trem bar installation and removal, or again, is this some sort of defect?

Do all the aforementioned "issues" that I just mentioned warrant an exchange or return, or does this axe just need a good ole' setup?

I really appreciate y'alls expertise and advice on this, and thanks in advance!
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