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Re: Ibanez Experts: New RG5320 "Issues", or not?

The warble sounds a lot like you're talking about flutter. Depending on who you talk to this is either the greatest thing in the world or the greatest annoyance, there are whole forum threads on other sites discussing which trems have the best or most flutter as some guitarists live for it so they can make silly sound effects like Steve Vai. Heavier gauge strings and/or running more springs seem to help reduce flutter but the only full cure is a tremsetter/backstop type device that forces stability into the unit. It's very normal for any floating Floyd Rose style trem, infact I think real Floyd Roses do it more than Edge trems (my Floyd Rose Pro for example). If it's not flutter you're discussing then perhaps magnet pull from the pickups being too high? Seems unlikely for a new guitar to be setup in that way though.

The extremely tight trem arm seems normal these days, my 2017 Jem 777 had the issue and my replacement Lo-Pro Edge I bought at the beginning of this year for my Jem 7V also had it. For what it's worth it doesn't take long before the bushings wear down and it becomes more manageable, assuming you remove/replace the trem arm somewhat frequently, it's nothing to be concerned about.
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