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Re: Ibanez Experts: New RG5320 "Issues", or not?

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Did you rule out trem warble by holding it with the bar?

Wolf tones and horrible intonation you get with pickups too high. Magnets don't care if there's a plug in the guitar or not.
Hey Rich, sorry about that, I forgot to reply that I tried my best in holding the trem down with my right palm, and after, I plucked an open string and the warble was indeed reduced. Just retried it right now again and the warble was again minimized with this method. But it's still annoyingly there when the trem is not being held down. I'm thinking of taking this to a professional guitar repair and setup place in Austin called "Straight Frets", to get it plekked and have the frets made perfect, as well as an overall setup. Should I do this, or send this one back to Sweetwater for an exchange?

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