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Pull S2620 PAF Pros? Replace with?

I’ve done some work on this guitar putting some real love into it. I put a shim in the neck pocket, Rounded the fret ends as much as I could, cleaned and scraped the fingerboard binding edges, and worked on getting the setup juuuuuust right.

It’s paid off in a lot of ways but the amplified tone still isn’t there. It came with a set of PAF Pros, as I mentioned, and although they aren’t terrible I feel like they don’t have the touch sensitivity or girth they should. I pick up my physically thinner S5570 and it’s fatter and more touch sensitive (Liquifire, Red Velvet, Steve’s Special reverse). My tech obsessed nature makes me wonder if it’s the VV tech used on the Liquifire and dual resonance on the Steve’s Special.

Being it’s a 22 fret instead of a 24 like the modern ones I’m attacking it more like I would replacing SG pickups. So what I’m wanting is a thicker, or maybe more focused neck pickup sound, output is alright as is. A bit more mids in the bridge and a hair more presence. I like the vowel sound on the edge of the sound, but to really hear it I have to turn down the tone on the guitar and turn up the treble elsewhere.

But overall I want more touch sensitivity and more girth especially on the high strings. I’ve considered going back to Duncan and going Custom Custom and Pearly Gates. With Dimarzio I looked at an Air Zone or AT-1 and Air Norton or 36th. That said, it’s ridiculous but I also would like the pickups to look the same.

Thanks in advance!

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