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Question Boss wl20 and my S970

Hi all!

I have had my s970 for quite a while now and finally decided to make take the plunge and get a wireless system. I went with the boss wl20.. So initially, obviously, it wouldn't fit in to the recessed jack on my sabre, but a rubber washer to hold it further out solved that.
Now I have done that the wireless system engages and connects but I get no signal. I can slowly pull the transmitter out of the jack so it is *just* engaging and I get a signal (although distorted and intermittent). This made me think that the jack might be wired wrong maybe the hot to the wrong lug?

I cant find any decent diagrams explaining which lug is which...

has anyone had an issue like this before? Does anyone know how to fix it?

I already tried swapping the hot wire and even tried swapping ground and hot. but no luck. I havent tried bridging the shorter lugs..


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