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Ibanez Jen BFP tremolo instability?

Hey everyone, I’m having some trouble (been going on since I bought the guitar in 201 with my Jem. It’s a basically stock BFP six string. It’s a great guitar when it’s in tune. Like a great guitar.

When I change my strings, I do it the right way I think. The bridge is balanced the way my manual shows. But when the bridge is in the right position (level), my strings are not in tune. So I begin adjusting the tuning pegs on the headstock to bring them in tune. But after a few rounds of tuning (you have to go around several times you know), I’m STILL out of tune, and now my bridge is raised toward the headstock (not level).

At this point I adjusted my string tension to bring the bridge back down, but now my strings are a bit sharp.

But it’s not like each string is sharp by like 10 ct. Maybe my B string and my High E will be in tune. But all the rest of varying degrees of sharp. Some 5ct some 7ct and maybe one 14ct. So I begin to compensate by tuning.

I can never get each string to be in tune AND have my bridge be at the correct position.

My tech at my local guitar shop is no help. I think he has experience with Floyd rose but not Ibanez bridges. He gets the guitar in tune but bridge won’t be level. So my action is too high. And I can’t atand that so I try to adjust it and just mess it all up again.

My Schecter has a Floyd rose and I can literally get it in perfect tune in about 8 minutes. Even a string change doesn’t phase it. I don’t need to let it sit overnight or anything. Within a half hour I’m stage ready with that guitar.

I have zero confidence to gig with this Jem because it cannot stay in tune. I paid like 1500 bucks for this thing so I really expect it to perform better than this. It’s a wonderful guitar when it’s in tune. Exactly what I want. But by the time I actually have it in tune, after messing with it for days, my strings are not brand spankin new anymore.

The whole reason I change my strings so often is so I have brand new strings for recording. But if by the time it’s playable, they’re pretty dead, it’s kinda useless. (I have sweaty hands I guess.)

I’d be glad to send this to a professional if that’s what it takes. But maybe I’m doing something wrong.

If I can get a Floyd rose in tune as quickly as I can, I don’t expect Ibanez to require seriously esoteric steps in order to get it right. But maybe there is. I don’t know.

I don’t wanna sell it. I love it. But I need a reliable tuning system. I’ve been playing for 20 years but if you have bad tuning you won’t sound good. I don’t even like other guitars that much. Like Steve, I feel not many other guitars can do what this one does. Especially while looking so awesome.

Can anyone help? I have no problem compensating whoever can help. I just know I must be doing something wrong.
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